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Listed below are some links to get free samples sent to you in the mail from company's like Wal Mart, Costco, and Dove. In order to get your free samples all you have to do is click the links to the websites below and fill out the mail form on the company's website (you should make a junk E-Mail address for doing this because you will get alot of E-Mail. Don't just make one up because you might have to confirm some of the samples) You can get a free E-Mail address from G-Mail, Yahoo-Mail, Hotmail, AOL... Most Samples come with some really good coupons.

free dove shampoo and conditioner, free samples, shnizzy.com   "Dove Shampoo Free Sample"

This is one of the best free samples I have recieved. You get 2 1.7 oz bottles one is shampoo, and the other is conditioner. This would go a long way for a single guy with short hair. Dove also give free samples for many other things here is a link for more of there samples... Click Here for other Dove samples.

wal mart free samples, free samples, shnizzy.com   "Wal Mart Free Samples"

I have recieved a few different samples from Wal Mart. some are better then others but its all free so no complaints here. The best one i recieved is the main pic to the left. Here are some more pics of things they have sent me Pic2 Pic3... They have new stuff all the time so check this link every so often.

free curel lotion samples, free samples, shnizzy.com   "Curel Lotion Sample"

This is This is a Good sample i recieved 2 different packets of lotion one is a pregnancy lotion, and the other is a first signs of aging lotion. Each packet is 0.25 OZ's which could go a long way if used in proportion.

free tide samples, free samples, shnizzy.com   "Tide with Dawn Free Sample"

This is a good sample of Tide laundry detergent with Dawn Stain Scrubbers. It is enough to wash 1 load of laundry. Tide is the best Detergent there is if you use the cheap stuff normally then this will be a nice change for you. This sample is through costco you may want to check there site for other samles it does not matter where you live they will still send it.

free digestive advantage samples, free samples, shnizzy.com   "Digestive Advantage Free Sample"

This is a really good sample you can actually choose from many different digestive medicines i ordered the digestive advantage and it came with a bunch of pills and a $5.00 coupon.

free naturalamb condoms, free condoms, shnizzy.com   "NaturaLamb Condom Free Sample"

Fill out the form and they will send you one free profilactic. Shipping time is pretty fast and comes in giant envelope that says young America so its discreet either way who cares.

free charmin, free samples, shnizzy.com   "Charmin Roll Extenders Free Sample"

They will send you 2 toilet paper roll holders, They call them mega roll extenders lol. They ship them fast i got 2 and there quality products for free.

free gold bond samples, free samples, shnizzy.com   "Gold Bond Free Sample"

You will recieve a sample packet of Gold Bond body powder for itching relief. The packet is kinda small and has 0.16 OZ's of powder in it but is still well worth it and can be used more then once if used sparingly.

free aveeno sample, free sample, shnizzy.com   "Aveeno Free Sample"

This Sample is for Aveeno positively ageless rejuvenating serum. It is a small sample but if your using it only on your face then it will last a few times comes with a $1.50 off coupon if you like it.

free trojan condoms sample, free condoms, shnizzy.com   "Trojan Condom Free Sample"

They send you 1 free condom for her pleasure. Fast shipping comes in a huge envelope and says young America on it.

free simple harvest sample, free samples, shnizzy.com   "Simple Harvest Free Sample"

This is for a Quaker Oatmeal Simple Harvest granola bar. They Give you your choice of 2 of there products i chose the granola bar it was good i ate it. It is about 2 bites, nice little snack pretty fast shipping on this sample. Also comes with Coupons...

free eye drop sample, free samples, shnizzy.com   "Eye Drops Free Sample"

Free sample of Bausch & Lomb Alaway eye drops for itchy eye relief. Tiny little bottle will last you unless you are a stoner. Bottle is perfect for the tackle box, the only time i get itchy eyes is when i go fishing.

free bragg health food samples, free samples, shnizzy.com   "Bragg Liquid Aminos Free Sample"

Bragg Health Foods will send you free samples of there products along with tons of information about there products and nutrition. I recieved 2 packets that are equal to ketchup packets of there liquid aminos i think its thare version of soy sauce. I have not tried it yet so i do not know what it tastes like.

free redman tobacco samples, free dip, shnizzy.com   "Redman Snuff Free Sample"

This is a great sample they send you 3 cans of there snuff any flavor you want and they come in a real cool metal Redman tin. I dip snuff and it tastes like skoal wintergreen. I am not much of a skoal fan so i do not care for the taste but still a great sample.

free astroglide samples, free lube, shnizzy.com   "Astroglide Free Sample"

They send you a packet of there Lubrication, They call it personal lubricant. I love this stuff, lube is expensive. K-Y has some free samples also I will post them soon.

free magazines sent to you in the mail, shnizzy.com   "Free Magazines"

You can get many different free magazines sent to you in the mail. Tell them your a business and they will be more likely to send them just make up some stuff there are tons of them to choose from and some of them come every month for free they do not ask you for your credit card # like all the others they are really free.Pic2

free loreal skin samples, shnizzy.com   "L'oreal skin Free Sample"

I do not think i recieved this one yet but most of the time make up and perfume samples are janky tiny stickers, or little tiny packets and are not worth ordering. This is for a sample of L'oreal skin genisis for anti aging or something like that.

free metamucil samples, free samples, shnizzy.com   "Free Wendys T-Shirt"

Get this free Wendy's T-Shirt and after you get it you can get free food from wendys if you put a pic on myspace of you wearing the shirt. I have not recieved this yet but when i do i will post pic's.

free bracelet, free samples, shnizzy.com   "Pregnancy bracelet Free Sample"

I have not ordered this or tryed to order it because i am not pregnant even though i look like it lol. If anyone orders this and it comes to them in the mail please let me know so i can change this description.

free naturemade vitamins, free samples, shnizzy.com   "Naturemade Vitamins Free Sample"

This sample is from Costco so your sure to get it. I have not ordered so i have no pic if you recieve this then please send us a pic so we can put it up. Remember it does not matter if you live where there are costco stores they have sent me stuff and there is no costco in this state.

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